Keyboard Wake Issues

So an odd bug with Intel's 100 series chipsets and newer is that sometimes macOS requires a second keyboard press or some other wake event to power up the monitor as well, with some requiring a keypress+power button to wake. Well to fix this, we need to either:

You can find a great write up on the whole situation and the fixes here: USB Fixopen in new window.

It's an excellent read and highly recommend to truly understand what is exactly happening, and it's not like you've done enough reading already with this guide ;p

So the ideal method is to declare the XHCI Controller(This is our USB Controller) to be an ACPI wake device, as we don't have compatible ECs for macOS to handle proper wake calls.

To start, we'll need to grab the PciRoot of our USB Controller(we'll use gfxutilopen in new window, Generally the names would be XHC, XHC1 and XHCI)

Now with the PciRoot, open your config.plist and add a new entry under DeviceProperties -> Add, and add your PciRoot. Then create a child with the following attributes:

acpi-wake-type | Data | <01>

Method 2 - Create a fake ACPI Device

This method creates a fake ACPI Device that will be associated with the GPE, then add the property of acpi-wake-type with USBWakeFixup.kext.

It's actually quite easy to setup, you'll need the following:

To create the SSDT-USBW for your specific system, you're gonna need the ACPI path of your USB controller. If we look back above to the gfxutil example, we can see it also lists our ACPI path:

  • /PC00@0/XHCI@14 -> \_SB.PC00.XHCI

Now we can shove that into our SSDT:

Now with that done, you can compile and add it to your EFI and config.plist. See Getting Started With ACPI for more info on compiling SSDTs

Method 3 - Configuring darkwake

Before we get deep into configuring darkwake, it would be best to explain what darkwake is. A great in-depth thread by holyfield can be found here: DarkWake on macOS Catalinaopen in new window

In its simplest form, you can think of darkwake as "partial wake", where only certain parts of your hardware are lit up for maintenance tasks while others remain asleep(ie. Display). Reason we may care about this is that darkwake can add extra steps to the wake process like keyboard press, but outright disabling it can make our hack wake randomly. So ideally we'd go through the below table to find an ideal value.

Now lets take a look at IOPMrootDomain's source codeopen in new window:

// gDarkWakeFlags
enum {
    kDarkWakeFlagHIDTickleEarly      = 0x01, // hid tickle before gfx suppression
    kDarkWakeFlagHIDTickleLate       = 0x02, // hid tickle after gfx suppression
    kDarkWakeFlagHIDTickleNone       = 0x03, // hid tickle is not posted
    kDarkWakeFlagHIDTickleMask       = 0x03,
    kDarkWakeFlagAlarmIsDark         = 0x0100,
    kDarkWakeFlagGraphicsPowerState1 = 0x0200,
    kDarkWakeFlagAudioNotSuppressed  = 0x0400

Now lets go through each bit:

0N/ASupposedly disables darkwake
1HID Tickle EarlyHelps with wake from lid, may require pwr-button press to wake in addition
2HID Tickle LateHelps single keypress wake but disables auto-sleep
3HID Tickle NoneDefault darkwake value if none is set
3HID Tickle MaskTo be paired with other
256Alarm Is DarkTo be explored
512Graphics Power State 1Enables wranglerTickled to wake fully from hibernation and RTC
1024Audio Not SuppressedSupposedly helps with audio disappearing after wake
  • Note that HID = Human-interface devices(Keyboards, mice, pointing devices, etc)

To apply the above table to your system, it's as simple as grabbing calculator, adding up your desired darkwake values and then applying the final value to your Argomenti di avvio. However we recommend trying 1 at a time rather than merging all at once, unless you know what you're doing(though you likely wouldn't be reading this guide).

For this example, lets try and combine kDarkWakeFlagHIDTickleLate and kDarkWakeFlagGraphicsPowerState1:

  • 2= kDarkWakeFlagHIDTickleLate
  • 512= kDarkWakeFlagAudioNotSuppressed

So our final value would be darkwake=514, which we can next place into Argomenti di avvio:

    |---Argomenti di avvio | Sting | darkwake=514

The below is more for clarification for users who are already using darkwake or are looking into it, specifically clarifying what values no longer work: